Theta Healing Technique

Ask Reverend Beatrice

Certified Theta HealingThe Theta Healing technique is very simple yet very powerful. Theta healing is about you becoming the new model of human being. From your five sense system to a multi-dimension human. You step out of the roll of victim of the world I see to the owner of yourself and your immortal soul, allowing yourself to become and be worthy of co-creating with THE SUPREME CREATOR OF US ALL... THE ALL THAT IS. Whatever this is to you.

The Theta Healer® works with divine source to co-create a healing. This technique can be used for physical healing or for changing beliefs that no longer serve you. Applied Kinesiology is used during the process to access the subconscious mind in order to discover what beliefs are held there and to test the changes. The Theta Healing technique is based on the use of a theta brain wave state.

The facilitator accesses the Theta state, then issues the command for whatever needs to be done. The other half of the equation is to witness the healing being done. The witnessing of the changes being made can be either on the physical level or the core belief level.


Through the use of the Theta healing technique, the DNA in the master cell of the pinel gland is activated. This activation is done on what is observed as junk DNA in the cells.

Theta healing activates both the youth & vitality DNA and the shadow strands. The period of time and the effect differ from person to person. Often people report a reduction in facial wrinkling, increase in energy, healthy relationships, psychic abilities may increase, mental outlook becomes sharper and more positive, but the most predominate effect is that people move to a fuller more spiritual life purpose.


Increased intuition
Increased psychic ability
Renewed energy
Eyesight improvement
Reduction in facial wrinkling
Increased youth and vitality
Relationships strengthen

with Reverend Beatrice Calise

Theta Healing changes the soft wear of your mind.

This is an hour long session of transformational mindset. Often physical problems are released when the underlying internal beliefs are redirected.

Theta Healing Session Contains:

Identification – Of current beliefs
Clearing – Four levels: Soul, Core, Past Life & Genetic
Realignment – With higher-self (becoming a co-creator) fulfilling through destiny.
Integration – Healing results or solutions

These personal sessions result in instantaneous healing - a shift of consciousness into clarity and fulfillment allowing you to co-create the life you desire.