House Blessings

Ask Reverend Beatrice

Energizing and allowing waves of love and prosperity to command your living space will assist you in the peace and harmony you seek for yourself, loved ones and all who enter your Home.

Often referred to as “Ghostbusters,” Rev. Beatrice and her assistants are available for special blessings of the Home and office in the greater San Diego area.

It is a wise practice to have your Home blessed when you move into a new space. Whether your Home is a new structure or a previously inhabited Home

Rev. Beatrice, being a Spiritualist Minister, can not only communicate with love ones who have passed over but also has the gift of removing unwanted entities from people, Homes, and offices. These entities are often called Haunting Ghosts, Waywards, Poltergeists or Energies.

Often these souls are Wayward Spirits, who of their own free will, deemed to stay here on earth enjoying the energy of living, innocent people. They feed off the energy of unknowing earth people. They may have passed over with drug overdose, or from suicide, or perhaps met their demise under cruel and angry conditions... Sometimes they are territorial and for their own reason remain in a certain location. Their haunting is detrimental to all concerned.

Rev. Beatrice and her team, using ancient methods of the Light, remove these unwanted entities from the Home and send them where they belong. To God's light. The clearing method is effective and permanent.

You may call to have your Home inspected.

Consultation appointments are available by phone free of charge. Please E-mail Rev. Beatrice and include your phone number, request and time to call.