Ask Reverend Beatrice

How Spiritual energy flows through the body to generate the aura and why this procedure is so effective for reaching your energy field.

Most people have a limited perception of how the spiritual energy and chakras of the body function. They have heard only of the rising of the Kundalini energy from the base of the spine. Spiritual energy actually enters the body from the Soul at the top of the head at the Inflow Center (the seventh Chakra). Of the seven, the Inflow and Outflow Centers are the most crucial, as they are the gate values that control the flow of energy through the entire pipeline. The other chakras, though important, only feed off that pipeline and are automatically affected by the overall energy flow.

When you become tense, negative, or under pressure, these two key centers, the Inflow and Outflow Chakras, are the first and most significantly affected. They tend to close off or constrict, just like a valve closing or a pipe clogging. This not only creates pressure in these regions (the reason people tend to have headaches there), but also reduces the flow of energy through the entire pipeline. As a result less energy is released through the other chakras to the aura, causing it to collapse. The aura no longer has the energy radiation to maintain its intensity and depth of field - When the aura contracts, the boundary gets weaker, so that disruptive psychic energies (other people’s tension, negativity, or depression, etc.) penetrate more easily. As the aura is also now less deep, those outside influences not only penetrate, but also get all the way through to your inner feelings, buffeting and affecting you. This leads to further tension and chakra constriction, which further propagates the deterioration of the aura’s strength and protectiveness.